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Home pests are more than just a minor issue; if ignored, their number can quickly multiply. Besides being a distraction and disgusting, they also pose a health hazard. The waste they leave behind is full of harmful bacteria and germs. If you see little specks on your floor, kitchen counter or inside your cupboards, then that may be signs of an infestation. Other forms of pests, such as termites, can bore into the wood and cause extensive damage to the structure.

Some homeowners try to handle the situation themselves by using bug spray and employing baits around the home. However, while these DIY methods may eliminate a few pests here and there, it is often ineffective for taking out the whole colony. The better option is to give us a call. Our exterminators understand the behavior of most pests and know where their favorite hiding spots are. They can locate any colony and destroy it on the spot. In addition, they will also locate and seal all cracks and openings to prevent future generations from making their way inside.

We also realize that not all pest problems take place indoors. Insects of the stinging variety like bees and wasps typically build a nest on a roof overhang or on a tree branch on your property. Homeowners should never attempt to remove a hive on their own as most species of bees and wasps will aggressively defend their hive. We can safely remove a hive no matter its size and location.


B.C. Exterminating Services has offered commercial pest control in the Washington DC metropolitan area for over 15 years in sensitive commercial accounts, such as restaurants, institutions, schools, hospitals, daycare centers and more.

Now that insects in the metro area are making a resurgence, trust B.C. Exterminating Services to resolve the problem with commercial pest control in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. Our old-fashioned methods combined with the latest technology can get pest out and keep them out.

Reach out to us for help with commercial pest control.

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General Pest

Crickets, ants, spiders, roaches, millipedes, centipedes, rodents.

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squirrels, raccoons, birds, ground hogs, snakes.

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bed bugs, ticks, fleas, mites, termites, etc.          


Exlusion is sealing up all the holes to make sure the pest don’t come back.